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"I've had my Northwest Tech ski outerwear for 3 years now and have yet to find better designed products. I'll definitely be purchasing all my skiing outerwear through Northwest Tech in the future."

Aaron Careaga
Financial Analyst & ski enthusiast

"I can't believe how light my snowboard outerwear is and also how warm and dry it keeps me. My snowboard bibs are the best and are totally one of a kind! Northwest Tech is legit, thanks guys."

Justin Cahill
Backcountry shredder

"To me, the way my ski outerwear fits is equally as important as the color scheme or pattern. Having worn the Northwest Tech custom jackets, they're all I could ask for. Winter outerwear at it's finest! "

Jim Knape
Powder Hound

"Two words: High quality. Zippers keep snow and moisture out. Having a light winter jacket is perfect on cold winter days when I'm skiing - I can easily add or remove layers. Head phone jack in my chest pocket keeps my music close. Thanks Northwest Tech for the awesome ski outerwear!"

Mike Meuller
Insurance broker & winter enthusiast

About Us

Northwest Tech started with the simple idea of designing a one-of-a-kind snow jacket. A jacket that was customized by the rider, for the rider. A jacket that had exactly what you desired – high-quality waterproofing, technical features, rad colors and an awesome fit.

Founded in 2012, we’re paving a new road for customizable waterproof ski and snowboard outerwear.

Headquartered in Seattle, WA, we manufacture and distribute customizable waterproof jackets, pants and ski bibs to skiers and snowboarders around the world. With facilities throughout Seattle, we strive to keep production USA-made and are passionate about contributing to the growth of Seattle’s apparel manufacturing industry. Made in the USA and shipped directly to you.

We were born from the desire to customize and recognize that skiers and snowboarders both love individuality. Whether it’s your new snow jacket, a fresh pair of winter ski bibs or your full winter outerwear kit - no one wants to see their new gear sitting next to them on the chairlift every season. With Northwest Tech, your ski or snowboard outerwear will never be considered "last season". Every custom jacket, pant or snow bib is timeless and customized entirely by you.

In addition to our custom snow jackets, pants and bibs for individuals, we also offer team, club and company outfits for groups looking to purchase in bulk. It’s never been easier to customize a jacket for your team, club or company. Customize & get your team quote instantly >

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