We're Made in the USA

Northwest Tech products are proudly made in the USA. We take pride in the high-quality gear we produce locally and have worked hard to ensure that our custom production process remains USA-made as we grow, and we have mindfully opted for reduced margins rather than an increased cost for customers. For us, it is all about the customers.

We have been incredibly lucky to connect with two talented local production facilities in Seattle’s manufacturing district that embody the level of quality and excellence we desire in USA-made outdoor gear. Our goal of keeping Northwest Tech made in America will continue to be embodied in our products as we move forward.

Customize Yours

Buying Made In America Clothing

When you purchase clothing made in the USA you are contributing towards the growth and success of the domestic apparel manufacturing industry. Buying from Northwest Tech helps support our local economies – your friends, family and neighbors jobs.

Weather you’re looking to buy a Snow Jacket, Snow Bibs, Mtn. Bike Jersey or Mtn. Bike Shorts - all of our custom products are manufactured and shipped directly out of Seattle, Washington. We contribute to roughly 15 jobs across two different USA made apparel-manufacturing facilities, your desire to customize helps support these manufacturing jobs.

Customize Yours