5 Super Cheesy Things To Do In Portland, Oregon

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This post is brought to you by Oregon local and team rider, Alexandra Pallas. 

Chances are if you ski, snowboard, or partake in any of the various winter sports, at one point or another you’ve found the urge to travel to new mountains and ski resorts – exploring all the fun things to do along the way. As a winter enthusiast you likely have plans brewing for your upcoming winter ski or snowboard trip this season. As you pack your winter ski jacket and hit the road, don’t forget to stop along the way and spend some time as the “tourist”.

Portland Oregon Activities

Playing the tourist role is nothing short of amazing. As a tourist you get to enjoy the local scenes, people, activities and lets not forget the food; all while hopefully shamelessly documenting your day on that new smartphone of yours. As a non-native and being in a see of strangers, you can take advantage of the surrounding where no one knows you. In this unfamiliar place you’re free of judgment – so make the most of it and have some fun.

While planning your trips away don’t forget to take a minute and be a tourist in your own town, here’s my 5 super cheesy things to do while in Portland, Oregon.

1. Go to Multnohma falls

Things to do in portland, Oregon - Multnohma falls

Here we enjoyed being part of the local crowds – hooray!

2. Get cheesy souvenirs

Things to do in Portland, Oregon - Multnohma falls gifts

Don’t forget toto treat yourself – we picked up this cool little Oregon souvenir.

Things to do in Portland, Oregon - Multnohma falls gifts

3. Hike To Oneonta Gorge

Things to do in Portland, Oregon - Oneonta Gorge hiking

Here at Oneonta Gorge we recreated the cover of Portland monthly on a cool, but somewhat impractical hike.

4. Visit VooDoo Doughnuts

Portland, Oregon activities - Voodoo donuts

And as every out-of-towner knows, tasting a doughnut from the doughnut shop, VooDoo, is a must.

5. Get Lost At Powell Book Store

Part of experiencing Portland, Oregon is experiencing the awesome hipster culture so we checked out Powell book store and found some new good reads.

The skill of “the tourist” is not to be taken for granted – practice this skill. We found that the roll of the tourists allowed us to forget our normal inhibitions, relax more and simply have fun 🙂

Photos in this post were taken by Alexandra Pallas and Emily Tidwell.

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