How To Bleed Your RockShox Dropper Seat Post

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Looking to bleed your RockShox dropper seat post? You’ve come to the right place –the video below provides step-by-step instructions on how to service and bleed your RockShox Stealth or Reverb dropper seat post.

If you’re an active bike rider using a RockShox dropper seat post frequently it’s just a matter of time, you will eventually need to bleed and service your dropper seat post to keep it running smoothly.

Many riders overlook how easy it is to bleed your RockShox dropper seat post – it’s a easy task that can completed at home in approximately 30 minutes time. After just a few dropper seat post bleeds, you’ll be servicing your RockShox seat post in just a quick few minutes.

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Tips for bleeding your RockShox Seatpost

  • Bleeding your RockShox Reverb or Sealth dropper seat post will likely require you to adjust the position of both the seat post remote on your handlebar and the seat post in your bike frame.
  • As with most repairs, this job can be made much easier by clamping your bike in a repair stand. When doing this, do not accidentally clamp the Reverb’s hydraulic line as this will damage it.
  • Both the dropper seat post remote and the post’s torx fittings are very small. Once removed, put them somewhere safe where they will not get lost.
  • The RockShox Reverb uses 2.5w suspension fluid to control its actuation. Using anything other than suspension fluid can damage the seals and internals of the seat post. Never use anything but the recommended fluid.
  • Many dropper seat post users are looking for the post to return faster than the stock “fast” setting. The key to increase its return speed is to dial the post’s Speed Adjuster to the full slow position before beginning the seat post bleed process, then return it to the fast position once completed with your system bleed.
  • As with any other hydraulic system, air is what you want avoid. Be sure to set the bike at an angle that has the remote’s bleed opening higher than the bleed port on the seat post head. This will encourage air to purge from the system.
  • While the process is nearly drip free, it is still a good idea to wrap a rag around the dropper seat post to prevent any oil drips from creating a mess or getting on your brake rotors.

Once you get your Rockshock seat post all blead you’ll be all set to get back on the trail. Don’t forget to make sure you’ve got a dialed mountain bike jersey and mountain bike short for your next bike ride – after all, you wouldn’t want to look like a newbie!

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