How to Climb Faster On Your Bike

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Want to know how to ride you bike uphill faster? Are your friends riding faster than you this summer? Want to tackle that climb at your trail park that you’ve yet to face? It’s not easy – climbing hills on your bike is a challenge that every biker faces. If you’re new to mountain biking learning how to efficiently climb hills is a key skill and also takes a considerable amount of time to develop.

Here’s some quick tips on how to climb uphill faster on your bike.

You need to ride more

How to bike uphill faster

There’s no way around this. Want to know why your friends are riding faster than you this summer? They’re likely riding more. Want to know why the pros go so fast? That’s all they do, ride their bikes.

Just like any sport (or anything really), putting in more time is going to yield the greatest results – you climbing & riding your bike faster.

Easy turbo – pace yourself

You know that feeling we’re talking about – getting all set to go before your ride. Maybe you’re parked at the Mt. Galbraith parking lot in Bellingham, or maybe you’re riding the chairlift in Whistler, wherever it be, we all get stoked before rides and want to haul serious ass right out of the gate.

Warm those legs up little pony.  In simple terms, don’t kill yourself out of the gate. You’ve got some ground to cover today.

Get a chamoi (aka butt pad)

Good biking chamois

Almost anyone who’s ever thrown their leg over a top-tube will have experienced discomfort in their rear end. Saddle soreness is pain or discomfort felt in the areas of the body in contact with the saddle, aka your butt.

Along with high-quality mountain biking shorts and a nice, breathable mountain biking jersey, it’s also worth investing in a nice bike chamois and you’ll be clocking more miles on Strava immediately. Not to mention you’ll avoid the legendary “saddle ass” we all know and love.

Don’t forget to…breath!

Seriously though. Keep the air flowing like cheech n’ chong. Deep breaths and consistent breathing wins all. Grab that air like you don’t care.

Clip in big dog

Look around – everyone who’s smoking you uphill is likely clipped in and probably rocking a fresh pair of Five Ten Bike shoes. For good reason though as the pedaling efficiency you gain is mind-blowing. Only those that have clipped in before can explain this. Regardless, try it out sometime and obviously, take it slow.

Light bikes (and bodies) go faster uphill

Dropping grams and running carbon is the new fad these days. With no surprise though as light weight bikes are much easier to pedal up hill versus older, heavier rigs. Where this really starts to add up though is in the long rides – sure you can keep up on the short climbs but when the miles start adding up, you’ll start slowing down. 

Stay hydrated

Come on people are you really about to clock some miles and not be thirsty? Sure you can make it to the finish, but if you want to climb faster on your mountain bike staying hydrated is key for climbing uphill faster on your bike.

Water bottle cages, camel backs and even fanny packs are all great options for storing your favorite liquids while biking.

Get Stiff Yo

Lock it out or keep it small – having “climbing friendly” suspension makes climbing hills much easier. Modern suspension technology has enabled on-the-fly adjustments that make bikes lock out or decrease travel suspension considerably.

Extend your seatpost & keep your ass seated

Pedal uphill on bike - bike too big

Bro, your ass is on the back  tire and your knees are at your chin – raise that seat post up and extend those pony killers. Roll your shorts up and show off those chicken legs too.

Additionally, keep those cheeks planted on your seat. If you need to stand up while riding keep it to short bursts for quick climbs over steep hills and obstacles.

Embrace the three P’s: passion, perspective & persistence

You passion is the desire to “make it to the top”.  Give yourself an emotional advantage with perspective and remember, this is just another climb. If you fail, be persistent, and try again another time – that’s what it’s all about.

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