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Fresh new 2016 colors & added features - design yours below!

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Every season we receive a ton of feedback and revise our custom products accordingly – tweaking styles, designing new features and always trying to make our products better for our customers.

For 2016 I’m excited to share with you our newest customizable ski & snowboard gear featuring fresh new 20k fabric colors, KEE waterproof zippers, standard pass pockets and an optional powder skirt feature. Check it out below.

This coming fall we’ll be revealing our biggest change to date, something I can say we’ve been working on for years – stay tuned!

As always if you have any questions just shout – we’ll do our best to respond right away.

Nick Marvik / CEO

Fresh New Colors

Our newest 2016 ski & snowboard jackets feature fresh new 20K waterproof fabric colors, oversized KEE waterproof zippers, an optional powder skirt and standard pass pockets an all custom jackets.

Complete your custom look with the Northwest Tech custom pant or powder bib – ski and snowboard pants feature 20K waterproof fabric, optional leg vents (great for touring) and even an option for the most dedicated powder hounds – the powder bib.

Customize with our new 20k colors >

Features Every Rider Wants

Powder skirt on ski jacket

New for 2016 is our optional powder skirt feature. Take note, this is not your average powder skirt. We designed this powder skirt to be compatible with any ski and snowboard pants on the market today. Additionally, we’ve removed all hard snaps and designed a velcro closure and securing system that allows our powder skirt to fit across many different body sizes.

ski and snowboard bibs

Our customizable ski and snowboard pants can easily be made into a complete powder bib. The powder bib creates 360 degree snow protection and combined with our jacket, creates the ultimate powder protection setup.

Customize Our New 2016 Gear >

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