Top Ski & Snowboard Resorts in Washington

Washingtonians have it lucky - View Washington's top ski resorts and find skiing & snowboarding near Seattle.

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Skiing and Snowboarding in Washington State offers powder hounds great diversity in terrain options and snow conditions alike. Whether you’re looking for an exciting family ski trip or want knee deep cat skiing runs, the different ski resorts located throughout Washington provide immense opportunities for all.

With most Washington ski resorts located within driving distance from Seattle, access is relatively easy and, depending on the resort, only takes a few hours. We’ve put together this Washington ski & snowboard resort guide to help you pin-point your next ski trip destination and also provide answers to some of the most common questions surrounding skiing & snowboarding in Washington.


Mt. Baker

Skiing resorts in washington, baker

Mt. Baker Ski Area, in Northern Washington, is a powder hound mecca. The ski area averages the most annual snowfall, 641 inches, in the entire world and holds the record for most snowfall in a single season, 1,140 inches in the ’98-’99 season. Mt. Baker ski area also annually plays host to the largest snowboard race in the world, the Legendary Banked Slalom, with 240 competitors.

Additionally, Mt. Baker is also known for its challenging inbound terrain as well as the immense surrounding backcountry access opportunities. Many skiers and snowboarders claim Baker has the best Backcountry skiing in Washington. If you’re looking for the skiing near Seattle – Baker will not be your best choice. Driving time from Seattle is 2 hours 30 minutes.

Mt. Baker website & lift tickets


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Stevens Pass

Stevens Pass is located on the crest of Stevens Pass in the Cascade Range. With a base elevation of 4,061 feet, 450 inches of snowfall each year, and numerous bowls, glades and faces, Stevens pass is the best destination for skiing and snowboarding near Seattle. Driving time from Seattle is 1 hour 30 minutes.

The terrain ranges from expert only, to smooth, wide-open cruiser runs for all levels of skiing and snowboarding. Featuring two terrain parks: Top Phlight Terrain Park, for serious rippers, and Dog Dunes for tamer ones. Stevens Pass also has a variety of dining options for guests including the Taco Stop, Outer Limits Grill, Cascadian Kitch and more. If you’re looking to visit one of the top Washington ski areas, Stevens Pass should be on your list.

Stevens Pass website & lift tickets


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The Summit at Snoqualmie

Seattle’s most accessible ski resort – Snoqualmie is located about 50 minutes from the city allowing easy, after-work access for many local skiers and snowboarders. The resort consists of four areas including Alpental, Summit West, Summit Central and Summit East. Combined together, the base areas serve a total of 18 chairlifts and 6 surface lifts. Alpental is known for its backcountry terrain and some of the steepest ski runs in the area.

Summit Central features The Summits flagship terrain park – over 30 acres of jibs and jumps open seven days and six nights a week. Perfect for skiers and boarders looking to dial in their riding skills in the terrain park. If you’re looking for skiing and snowboarding near Seattle, The Summit is your closest option.

Snowqualmie website & lift tickets


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Crystal Mountain

Best skiing in washington, crystal mountain

Located on the Northeast corner of Mt. Rainier National Park and less than two hours from Seattle or Bellevue, Crystal Mountain is Washington’s largest ski area with over 50 named runs. Throughout the resorts 2,600 acres of accessible terrain, skiers and snowboarders will find everything from gentle groomers for beginners to challenging chutes, steeps, glades, and bowls for experts.

Over $30 million has been invested in the area over the past decade – Top of the line high-speed lifts, terrain expansion, new dining facilities, day lodge renovations and the addition of the Mt. Rainier Gondola, make Crystal Mountain the premier ski and snowboard area in Washington.

Crystal Mountain website & lift tickets


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White Pass

50 miles east of Yakima and 110 miles west of Tacoma, Washington, White Pass Ski Area is just 12 miles southeast of Mt. Rainer National Park in the Washington Cascades. White Pass offers a vertical rise of over 2,000 ft. and 1,500 accessible acres with terrain from beginner to advance for skiers and snowboarders. 8 lifts service the area and includes a Nordic area as well as terrain parks for the freestylers.

White Pass website & lift tickets


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Mission Ridge

best snowboarding in washington, mission ridge

Located only 12 miles from Wenatchee, Washington, Mission Ridge is located in a basin on the eastern side of the Cascade Mountains and known for having 300 days of sunshine annually compared to other mountains in Washington. Mission Ridge features 2,000 accessible acres with a vertical rise of 2,250 feet, and 36 designated ski and snowboard trails serviced by four lifts and two rope tows. With a terrain rating of 10% beginner, 60% intermediate and 30% advanced, skiers and snowboarders have access to groomers, chutes, bowls, and even backcountry for those powder hounds.

Additionally, mission ridge has recently become a top favorite amongst “jibbers” – both skiers and snowboarders can session the “100 LAPS TERRAIN PARK” using a rope toe. Many riders have logged over 100 laps in one single day. The park is built in a wind protected clearing and includes a variety of rails, tubes, hips and other innovative features.

Mission Ridge website & lift tickets


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49 Degrees North

Top ski resorts in washington, 49 degrees north

49 Degrees North is a favorite among skiers and snowboarders in northeast Washington State. You’ll find 7 lifts servicing 82 trails on 2,325 acres. The top of the mountain is mostly black diamonds, with glades, faces, and twisting trails. 49 Degrees North also provides lessons, equipment rental, slope-side dining, daycare, and also features a terrain park.

49 Degrees website & lift tickets


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North Cascade Heli

heli skiing in washington

Nestled into the east side of the North Cascade Mountains is North Cascade heli-skiing. Fly into the “Northwest Rockies” and enjoy 300,000 ridiculous skiable acres. You’ll experience runs from a variety of bowls, treed glades and steep alpine terrain. As you make your way down the mountain you’ll ski or snowboard through some of the Northwest’s premier powder snow.

Eat at the Freestone Inn, and have your choice of stay in a luxurious room or cabin. Experience heli-skiing with one of the most experienced pilots in the business and enjoy three days of some of the best skiing & snowboarding in Washington (and the world).

North Cascade website & planning details


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Bluewood is a family-friendly ski area just 54 miles northeast of Wall Walla in southeast Washington. This ski area occupies the second-highest base elevation in the state at 4,545 ft. and annual snowfall averages 300 inches. Locals say if you return you lift ticket by 11 a.m. and you’re not stoked on the current day conditions, you’ll get a voucher for another day.

Bluewood website & lift tickets


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Mt. Spokane

top ski resorts in washington, mt. spokane

Mt. Spokane Ski & Snowboard Park is a non-profit winter alpine recreation facility located within Mt. Spokane State Park, just 28 miles from downtown Spokane.

They offer affordable skiing & snowboarding with 5 double chairs over 1,425 acres and 2,000 vertical feet, slopes for all ability levels, a mile-long terrain park, and the best undiscovered tree skiing in the area.

Mt. Spokane website & lift tickets


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Loup Loup Ski Bowl

Just a short trip from the pristine winter playgrounds of the Methow Valley is a “diamond in the rough” snuggled into the eastside of the Cascade mountain range. If you live in Northeastern Washington you already know about it. If you are visiting the area, you don’t want to miss it. A mix of alpine and Nordic skiing and a great tube slide area means fun for the entire family. Loup Loup is true community-centric destination that promises good skiing and snowboarding.

Loup Loup Ski Bowl website & lift tickets


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