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Pat Moore
  • Age: 22
  • Hometown: State College, PA and Salt Lake City, UT
  • Home Mountains: Alta, Park City, and the Streets of SLC

Patrick is all about the Pow! He gave us an in depth explanation as to why "After being raised in central Pennsylvania all I had growing up was a small park that my friends and I often had to set up by ourselves. Setting up our own rails led me to love how creative you can get with building your own features. This is something you cannot do in the big parks in Utah, so I have found this feeling again in the backcountry. It is not always just about building the biggest jump anymore! Fresh snow and crazy mountains give you infinite options to make any feature you want."

We asked Patrick what he likes best about his customizable outerwear and he said, "Northwest Tech is an awesome company to represent because they really are all about including their riders, and customers in everything that happens. They are constantly asking for feedback and actually listening to what people have to say about their gear. This is evident in all the amazing changes for 2014/2015." You can thank Patrick for many updates to the new outerwear as he played a big role in giving us lots of constructive feedback.

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Instagram - @rickity_gram